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arabic bread machine

arabic bread machine Product Description

Automatic line for arabic bread / arabic bread machine / roti making baking oven line
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arabic bread machine video

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Introduction of arabic bread machine

This Arabic bread making machine is especially used for making flat bread, such as pita bread,

tortilla, arabic bread, pizza crust, samosa wrapper etc.

The diameter and thickness of the product can be customized by different cutting mold.

Normally the diameter can be 7-45cm etc.

Operation process of arabic bread machine 

1. Dough flatten forming machine

Put the mixed dough into the hopper, the machine will flat the dough onto belt, then press the dough into customized size.  

2. Flat bread baking machine

The flatten bread will be sent to the oven for baking, the bread will be baked evenly in the tunnel type oven.

Because there are two layer inside of it, one layer for one side baking.

arabic bread machine  Technical Parameter

Model 450 650
Power 20KW 26KW
Voltage 3N~380V/50Hz 3N~380V/50Hz
Capacity 25-35Kg/h dry flour 50-60Kg/h dry flour
Production Rate 600-2500pcs/h 600-2500pcs/h
Tortilla Thickness 0.3-2mm adjustable 0.3-2mm adjustable
Product Specification 80-400mm adjustable 200-320mm adjustable (output 2 pcs bread)
Machine Weight 480KG 50KG
Dimension 5200*800*1400mm 5200*1050*1400mm

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