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Vegetable Cutter Machine

This vegetable cutter machine is Multifunction,Available to chop garlic,ginger,vegetable etc
capacity :
  • JD30
  • Greatcity
  • 8438900000

Vegetable bowl cutter machine Stainless steel vegetable cutter

greatcitymachinery - vegetable bowl cutter machine

meat bowl cutter machine Vegetable cutting machine, mainly processing all kinds of root, stem and leaf vegetables into stuffing, is the best equipment for pasta processing industry to make steamed stuffing, dumpling stuffing and feeding industry to process vegetable feed. 

1.The chopper mixer is mainly used in meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, nuts and crushing process.
2.Small noise, high efficiency and energy saving effect is remarkable.
3.Cutting die uses the imported materials through special process, Scooped the pot for casting full stainless steel material,and have a spill along the pot, preventing seepage material, material overflow .
4.Pot for two speed, can cooperate with cutting die any speed, chopping time is short, the material temperature rise is small.
5.The machine is equipped with discharging device.

Main structure
1. the vegetable cutting machine is mainly composed of rack, turbine box, knife combination, vegetable basin and other parts.
2. The parts and components that the cutting machine contacts with the stuffing are made of aluminum alloy castings and other materials that meet the food hygiene requirements. They are stainless, non-corrosive, non-toxic and harmless for long-term work.

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