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Pelmeni / ravioli / perogie dumpling Machine Automatic

Pelmeni/ravioli/perogie/dumpling Machine Automatic for home can make the dumpling,wonton, spring roll,by changing mold
mold size :
  • JD80
  • Greatcity
  • 8438100090

Pelmeni/ravioli/perogie/dumpling Machine Automatic mold photos

130 dumpling machine (2)130 dumpling machine (5)

130 dumpling machine (9)

 Pelmeni/ravioli/perogie/dumpling Machine Automatic  product description

1. Our Pelmeni/ravioli/perogie/dumpling Machine Automatic  can make dumplings, samosa, spring roll, wonton, empanada, ravioli by changing different mould, and the capacity is from 4500pcs/h to 7200pcs/h, please choose the one suitable for you.

2.Using the latest technology cutting device, both meat and vegetable stuffing can be wrapped, the effect is perfect.

3. Suitable for a variety of conditioning: the dumplings can be steamed, boiled, fried and fried. Spring rolls and curry corners and curry bu fried are especially delicious. The most important thing is that they are suitable for rapid freezing and storage resistance, and are ideal microwave foods.

4. The size of the product is uniform, the thickness of the dough, the amount of filling, and the speed of making dumplings can be adjusted at will. It can be operated freely in 5 minutes, and one or two people with no experience can operate the machine.

5. The conveying surface and shaped parts are manufactured with special anti-adhesion technology materials, with low resistance, good forming, wear resistance and pressure resistance, easy disassembly, cleaning and durability.

6. High work efficiency, equivalent to 8 to 12 workers making dumplings by hand at the same time. Really low input and high efficiency, saving money and labor.

Pelmeni/ravioli/perogie/dumpling Machine Automatic parameter

Voltage 220V

Power 2.2kw

output 6000pcs/h

weight 150kg

Dimention: 990*470*1100mm

JD80 Dumpling  Forming Machine  product size :15-28gram

Model: 80 Automatic Pelmeni/ravioli/perogie/dumpling Machine Automatic photos 

 JD100 dumpling making machine (1)JD100 dumpling making machine (2)JD100 dumpling making machine (3)JD100 dumpling making machine (4)JD100 dumpling making machine (1)

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