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Mini Dumpling Wrapper Maker Mini Kitchen Machine

Mini Kitchen Machine Newest Round Dumping Wrapper Machine Price /dumpling Sheet Making Machine is used to produce various shapes of dumpling skin machine, wonton skin, bun skin, and other shapes of noodles. This umpling wrapper skin making machine is suitable for large and small dumpling skin machines, chaotic skin, noodle wholesalers. It has simple and convenient operation and can save labor. Improve work efficiency, will not produce scraps, convenient for your production.
capacity :
  • JD-Mini wrapper machine
  • Greatcity
  • 8438100090

The Mini Dumpling Wrapper Maker Mini Kitchen Machine can make round and square style dumpling wrapper just by changing the mould. it can make the round wrapper size 70mm/ 80mm/90mm/100mm, 

the square size 75x80mm. Non-standard can be customized. The dumpling wrapper machine is suitable for hotels, restaurants, school canteen, factory canteen, kindergartens, quick-frozen dumplings manufacturers, dining hall and so on.

Mini Dumpling Wrapper Maker Mini Kitchen Machine adopts stainless steel, elegant appearance, durable, practical, quality assurance. With high efficiency and energy saving, safe use, no edge waste, a forming, the advantages of thick and thin. Can also be customized according to customer's requirements the wrappers size, its thickness, etc. (choose form a complete set of equipment such as mixer, noodle press, conveyor belt can make dumplings products production line)

Feature of round dumping wrapper machine

1. Adopt aluminium magnesium alloy, the volume is portable.

2. Easy to remove, easy to clean up.

3. Speed is adjustable, thickness is adjustable.

4. Roller is not sticky.

Mini Dumpling Wrapper Maker Mini Kitchen Machine  parameter




TYPE Desktop

OUTPUT 3600-4000PCS/H

SIZE 550*370*450MM

Mini Dumpling Wrapper Maker Mini Kitchen Machine  photos

dumpling wrapper making machine (1)dumpling wrapper making machine (3)dumpling wrapper making machine (8)dumpling wrapper making machine (9)

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