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High quality Chinese momo making machine Chinese baozi pork buns Machine

The efficiency of High quality Chinese momo making machine is equal to 8 to 12 workers who produce the baozi by hand at the same time ,with real low input ,high efficiency and saving investment
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  • Y160
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Introduction of High quality Chinese momo making machine 

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1. Why use a High quality Chinese momo making machine ?
If you make steamed buns by hand, it's normal to start at 3 or 4 a.m., especially tired. The cost of making steamed buns by hand is very high, and the manual speed is slow and the output is insufficient, which will affect the normal operation of the shop. But if we use the steamed bun machine, we can save a lot of labor, increase profits accordingly, and the output can fully meet the supply demand, so that the boss can have more time to expand the other market and earn more profits.
2. Can a High quality Chinese momo making machine  only make steamed buns?
It can be used for meat bun, vegetable bun, small cage bun, filling soup bun, water fried bun, steamed bread, pie, steamed bun, etc. The thickness of steamed bun skin, the amount of stuffing and the speed of making steamed bun can be adjusted. In addition, the manufacturer independently developed the integrated steamed bun machine, the integrated steamed bun pie machine, which can specifically contact the customer service. Inquire.
3. Have you ever used a High quality Chinese momo making machine  before? Need training?
Fully automatic steamed bun machine for novice is also fully operational, without any foundation and training, uniform debugging before shipment after shipment, random with operating instructions, teaching operation video, let you use carefree.
4. Is there any formula for delivery? How does the steamed bun taste?
Delivery is unified with noodle formula and filling formula and its process. Now the manufacturers use twisted-pair noodles to supply noodles, without hurting the face, and the taste is completely hand-made.

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