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High effective Best-Selling Arabic Pita Bread Making Machine

High effective Best-Selling Arabic Pita Bread Making Machine Main Features
l Limited budget can also give you a complete bread production line
l Made of stainless steel fully
l No harm to dough,imitate handmade breads and keep nice taste
l Breads size and weight can be adjusted as need by PLC setting
l Design the machine to make different types bread according to customer’s requirement
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pita Pita machinery product

8 inches Pita making  Machine video

Greatcitymachine chapati making machine (13)

> More than one style
The shape can be round or rectangular, its diameter or width could be adjustable by changing molds.
> Higher output
The products could be made in double or triple rows, that means two or three products could be formed at the same time.
> Adjustable production speed
The speed of the belt and rotation of rollers could be adjusted, to produce more products.
> Various Sizes of Product
The diameter can be 50mm, 70mm, 80mm, 90mm, 100mm, 130mm, 150mm, 300mm, 400mm, or other diameters customized.
> Adjustable product thickness
The thickness is adjustable, ranging from 0.4mm- 6mm.
> One-time forming
Multi rolls make the forming at one-time, to keep uniform in size and thickness.
> Automatic Production.
Automatic conveyor, automatic molding, automatic recycle the dough sheet.


Greatcitymachine chapati making machine (9)Greatcitymachine chapati making machine (11)

Machine name


dough mixer
Capacity: 50 kg / time
Rate: 2.2KW
Weight: 250kg
Size: 980 × 510 × 1010mm
Motor :380v 3~
Machine net weight: 230kg
High effective Best-Selling Arabic Pita Bread Making Machine
Stainless steel + PVC food grade conveyor belt
Mold 30cm
Leather working speed adjustable, thickness range 1-6mm
Production: 1500-2000 pieces per hour Leather working
motor power: 3KW
Voltage: 220V
Dimensions :1700*580*1170mm
Weight: 400KG

Flat bread baking oven

Voltage: 220V
work Rate: 1.2KW
Gas volume: 0.8CBM / hour Baking Efficiency: 500-1000
pieces per hour Weight: 640KG
Size: 2650*950*1080mm


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