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Chinese jiaozii Machine for home use

Introduction for Chinese jiaozii Machine for home use
1,small size and light weight, can work on the table top
2,suitable for different filling stuff,vegetable or meat stuff
3,applied in Shao Mai dim sum shop, breakfast shop, school, home, supermarket and restaurant
4,made of stainless steel.
5, filling volume can be adjustable
  • JD025
  • Greatcity
  • 8438100090

Chinese Introduction for Chinese jiaozii Machine for home use product parameter:

Model: JD025

Size: 370 * 180 * 520mm (including hopper height)

Voltage: 220V

Weight: 18KG

Production: 600 ~ 800pieces / hour

Dumpling weight: 13-28grams

Chinese jiaozii Machine for home use  Features:

The product is small in size, light in weight, and similar in size to a microwave oven. It can be easily moved by one person, occupies a small space, and is easy to clean. This machine can greatly reduce the labor intensity of the store, improve the efficiency, and reduce the operating cost of the store. One of the characteristics of this machine is that you can make open siu mai and snacks after you make the dough and stuffing yourself, and the filling amount can be adjusted at will .

product description Introduction for Chinese jiaozii Machine for home use :

This Chinese jiaozii Machine for home use  is currently a small semi-automatic open wheat sintering machine and snack machine, with a net weight of 26 kg. It is easy to use, operate and clean, and does not take up space. It can be placed on the dining table. It can pack different vegetables and meat mixture, corn meat, shrimp meat, open siu mai and snacks. This machine is suitable for siu mai dim sum shops, breakfast shops, schools, families, supermarkets and restaurant chains.

dumpling wonton making machine (2)dumpling wonton making machine (2)

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